Our Story

Bruce and Connie Goddard own a small farming operation, near Charles City, Iowa. They have both always worked full time jobs off the farm. Bruce as a machinist and Connie as a nurse. They have two children, Amanda Bearman and Mathew Goddard. Amanda is married to Jim Bearman and they have two boys, Wyatt and Walker. Mathew and his wife Jada have three children, Kash, Nilan and Catherine. Both families are active in farming and live close to Bruce and Connie.

After struggling with frozen net wrap for many years bedding his livestock, Bruce knew there had to be an easier way. He started working on a bale processor that would make this job easier, safer and economical. Bruce designed the front mount processor for the skid loader and then the rear mount bale processor for the tractor. He has been using the Bale Storm Bale Processor on his farm for almost three years. He has saved over 30% on his bedding cost yearly since using the Bale Storm Bale Processor. The Bale Storm Bale Processor allows visibility to see where your bedding is being spread. Bruce feels that the Bale Storm Bale Processor is an essential piece of equipment for any livestock operation, big or small.

Bruce and Connie completed the Launch and Grow Your Business Program at NIACC in April 2018. Bruce was a finalist for the Innovation Award at the John Poppajohn Entrepreneur Center in September 2018. Bruce and Connie recently graduated from the Startup Factory Program at Iowa State University. They feel they have met some amazing people through this process and are grateful for the imput and support they have received.